Monday, December 31, 2012

Make your own air freshener

A lovely spray for the winter season.  A clean and natural scent made from essential oils.

In a spray bottle combine 4 oz of water 12 drops of sweet orange essential oil, 6 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 6 drops of pine essential oil.  Shake and mix well, spray as desired around the house.

It is just lovely smelling.  Always remember when using essential oils they are strong and must be diluted with water.


  1. That is just beautiful.... and I bet it smells great. I have never made my own air freshener

    1. Every morning I use essential oils in my shower too. Just a couple of drops in the shower and the water vapor pick it up. Lately I have been using tea tree oil since it has antimicrobial properties and I have had a cough. It is soothing

    2. I do use tea tree oil... doesn't it smell like lighter fluid to you?

      I was using it for thrush before I found the Immunophen Pine Cone Extract.

    3. I like the smell of tea tree oil.. The smell reminds me of clean. I think that is because I add a drop of tea tree oil and lavender to the baby shampoo when I wash the dogs (helps keep away the fleas). To bad they don't smell good for long, they are dirty dogs....