Monday, January 2, 2012

Since I have no new projects for 2012 I will share some photos from past projects

I started this blog because I love crafting.  The downside is that I get so over zealous about it that I start to many at one time and barely any get fully completed.  I am hoping that keeping this blog updated will encourage me to keep one of my New Years resolutions of doing what I love. 

I do all kinds of crafts and am not limited to on area.

So now I am going to share some of my past projects with the Internet community, I do apologize for picture quality they all came from my camera phone.

This was actually one of my favorite crafts.  I had gotten a rubbermaid full of lincoln logs off freecycle.  So for Christmas I decided to make a box for one of my friends sons with the lincoln logs.  It was a really inexpensive craft and it looked amazing.  The wood top was actually part of our fence that blew over during a "hurricane." The blue paint was from Home Depots oops paint section so it was only a dollar and the wood was all scrap from the garage.  The most expensive part was the hinges and clasp which were under three dollars each.

That same holiday season I made my fathers fiance a set of coasters (4 pieces) 

What happens when your scrap fabric (1 yard or less) looks like this?

And art can be in cake too.... This was the first time ever piping a cake.  I learned many lessons during that experience.

At this point I am getting annoyed trying to deal with my phone and computer connection.  I am so glad that I finally got a real camera I will not have to deal with this again. I will share more of past crafts as my blog continues.

I hope to learn much from my new readers and hope you get some inspiration too.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well I figure that I should start off my new year and new blog with an introduction. Well first off my name is Angela as I am sure that the title of the blog has given away. For my New Years resolution I decided the typical ones, do what I love, lose weight and get more financially stable.  Well how does those resolutions turn into a blog?  Because these have been my resolutions for a number of years, with some success but not at the level that I know that I am capable of.  So I started a blog for each of these goals so I can not only public track my progress with each but so I can also provide inspiration for others and I am also looking forward to learning from other peoples experiences, thoughts and inspirations.  I will admit that I am new to the blogging world, so I will probably be updating the blogs look as I get more fluent in blogger.

I loved the name Angie gets Crafty and signed up for the email address awhile back ago when I first decided that I want to do a craft blog.  But the creativity went down for there in the names... But I guess that sometimes straight forward names can be the ones that stick.