Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well I figure that I should start off my new year and new blog with an introduction. Well first off my name is Angela as I am sure that the title of the blog has given away. For my New Years resolution I decided the typical ones, do what I love, lose weight and get more financially stable.  Well how does those resolutions turn into a blog?  Because these have been my resolutions for a number of years, with some success but not at the level that I know that I am capable of.  So I started a blog for each of these goals so I can not only public track my progress with each but so I can also provide inspiration for others and I am also looking forward to learning from other peoples experiences, thoughts and inspirations.  I will admit that I am new to the blogging world, so I will probably be updating the blogs look as I get more fluent in blogger.

I loved the name Angie gets Crafty and signed up for the email address awhile back ago when I first decided that I want to do a craft blog.  But the creativity went down for there in the names... But I guess that sometimes straight forward names can be the ones that stick.

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