Monday, September 3, 2012

What I did for labor day...

Today I felt like I was so busy but it seems when getting ready to write it seems like so little.  My first project was to put together another raffle prize for the AIDSWalk raffle at my work.  I put in a total of five dollars and I will be adding two movie tickets from my works stash. The second popcorn will hold those two movie tickets once I pick them up from work.... I think it is a pretty decent raffle prize for only putting five bucks into it.... and the picture does not show it but there is glitter. Glitter makes everything worth more right?

The other thing that I was playing with today was creating my own paper.  I have stacks of newspaper that I have been looking to craft with.  I ended up putting together some screens and practicing with a purple seed paper. The seeds I used were chives.
I think it will dry a nice light color.... we will see.  I hope I love it.  If not this is a game in process.  What is your favorite craft using newspaper?

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  1. Roll tightly in about 2 1/2" diameter and wrap tape around the top and bottom and assemble into furniture or do it in 16" lengths and 4" diameter and wrap with a cotton string and use camping for logs or in your wood stove.

    do not try to roll folded paper as you cannot get it tight enough. I made myself a whole set of furniture when I was about 10 and when I was tired of it my Father used it to start and keep burning the burn pile we had.